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Horrox previewed some of the music from her Teffradot opera which is installed close to Snowdon, North Wales. She has previously twice composed for the underwater listening experience which has been touring internationally since 2009.

Teffradot excerpts at Wet Sounds 2015

Moon Seer 2017

The Moon Seer is a project by Conny Prantera, La Horrox has performed and composed for the Seer since 2015, which has been presented at SuperSonic Festival, Fat-Out Festival and St.John's Church London. 

La Horrox has been performing with Lina Lapelyte's Candy Shop since 2013, with Sharon Gal, Anat Ben-David, Angharad Davies, Nouriah Bah and Heidi Heidelberg.


Candy Shop Madrid - CA2M Centro de Arte Dos De Mayo - 2015

Candy Shop Circus Paris Fiac! 2017 

WIRE review of Candy Shop at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank 2015

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