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Family Meditations I.jpg

Garden Meditations on Family, 16-channel sound installation, Château de Tourreau, Provence in collaboration with film-maker Asa Mader and lighting designer AJ Weissbard. Ran from Aug 13th - 21st 2017.








The garden installation runs alongside Asa Mader's Meditation on Family, filmic portrait installation in the chapel both part of the private show commissioned by an American husband for a birthday gift for his wife, Debra, to celebrate her rags to riches story. The composition comprises of seven parts Father, Mother, Siblings, Grandmother, Reza, Debra and children. The sound work is the light element of the commission, the positive trajectory, future facing and containing a strong message for the next generation. The piece was played through 14 'mirrors'  especially constructed to be hung along a 168m walkway of sixteen sycamore trees, incidentally one for each member of the family.

Father features vocals from the traditional Sami yoik artist Ande Somby singing his signature wolf yoik.

Mirrored transducer speaker in collaboration with Asa Mader and AJ Weissbard.

Meditations on Family, filmic portraits, by Asa Mader.

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