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Syzygy - Transformations of the Libido (2010), multi-channel musical performance .

In an immersive reality, La Horrox is the psychopomp who runs a visionary journey leading the audience upon a ritualistic passage through chakra centres of of the body. The resonating frequencies are revealed respectively, Root 456 Hz, Sacral 606 Hz, Solar Plexus 364 Hz, Heart 256Hz, Throat 284Hz, Third Eye 288Hz and Crown 432Hz.

Undertaking the collapsing departure of a personal myth, the piece is a pursual of inner images and mythological themes in the dreams and fantasies of the individual through a psychomagic ritual.  Witnessed through a visual and auditory cacophony, a certain transcendence brings an unanticipated collision of synchronicity and harmony, an entire mythical dimension placed into one timely non-hierarchical mandala.

Using film cut-ups, hand drawn animation, dance, white noise manipulations, and hypnotic pulses and rhythms made from unusual found re-appropriated and customized objects, the audience experience a complex sound world through eight channels, the score composed and processed in real-time, whilst an abstract vision emanates from the collision of two spheres, temporal of science with the immaterial of fantasy, coalescing into a chorus of chaos. 

Artonin Artaud Theatre, Brunel University 2010

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