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An interpretation of a scene from the novel, The Sixth Sense, by Konrad Bayer dualized with a video visualization of the Thought Form works of Wassily Kandinsky.


The baroque theatre of language – ‘a metaphysics of the word’, the novel became the idea of an impassioned metatheatrical text to transpose into live performance. Syntax, rhymes, adjectives, nouns, similes, metaphors, and synecdoche appear as an arbitrary jumble, to be re-jumbled at the next paragraph, often to amusing effect. Juxtapose Raunch with the deconstruction of language, the interchangeability of signs, and the application of Bayer’s poetics is seminal to re-appropriation of props and character in the solo production.

Bringing together completely disparate modes of perception from The Sixth Sense,


“the six ladies in red shake my hands. i am covered in hair and fold at the knees. my blonde hair is already starting to thin”

Sixth Sense, multi-channel immersive sound performance (2012)

Dark thought pic.jpg
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