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Umo's Mantra (2010) multi-channel performance

Attempted simulation of a recurring tangential tantra, a profound disturbance which lies between dreaming and dreamless sleep in the realm of Night.

Interpreted through the Immaculate Conception, Breton, Eluard & Soupalt.


A series of recurring cycles exploring a personal dream-like experience, acoustic  spaces and the body as a permanent site for mental instability. Each repeated cycle is a layer in the recurring childhood happening interpreted through The Immaculate Conception, an abstract fiction of life to final judgement, – but also a non-fiction of endurance, reclaiming and achieving mental freedom and the means by which the self can recover its liberty in a world deprived of it."A dadaesque multmedia radio theatre piece, with illusory tricks, musical references, visual puzzles and complex actions, theatricalized "dances" of a certain in-forme, Bataille like excrescences, wild and provocative, humorous but dangerous; as you have no preconception of the origin or the outcome, a weird kind of pulp fiction, full of imagination, with a dissonant overdrive."

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